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Granfer was launched in 1986, built on a foundation of family heritage with 60 years of experience in fruit growing and passion for the land.

Located in the heart of Portugal's Western Region, between the highlands and the sea, near the charming medieval town of Óbidos, Granfer produces, preserves, grades, and sells fresh fruit. It produces Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, Apples, Plums, and Apricots and is well versed on getting the very best out of each orchard.

Fully equipped with modern fruit grading and packing lines, the Company exports its produce to a variety of countries on several continents.
In its on-going search for solutions at the cutting edge of state-of-the-art technology, innovation is one of Granfer's key strengths, along with recognition for the quality of the produce it markets, always striving to adequately meet market demands.

Our pillars are:

  • Tradition: a family of producers with over 60 years of experience
  • Innovation: to stay ahead of the latest technology
  • Quality: confidence in our products


Founded in 1986, Granfer came to bridge the lack of infrastructure and fruit sale in the municipality of Óbidos.

Our production

At Granfer we know that the quality of our products begins in the fields...

Thus, over several months, hard work is developed by our producers, coupled with a vast knowledge of our technicians, allowing consumers to have available high quality products.

Respect for the environment is another feature that defines Granfers role on the productive agricultural sector. The use of alternative pest control or listing of the parcels on benchmarks of good agricultural practices is a reality in our company. Thus, through a sustainable agricultural production we are contributing to the future of next generations.

Fruit Central

Here begins the selection process of our products.

Granfers Fruit Central is equipped with the latest labour technology in the area of fruit handling.

In a large workspace is possible to pack fruit in various forms of packaging and presentation.

Here each fruit is carefully chosen and prepared to satisfy our most demanding customers.


Granfer markets fruit from local producers together with fruit from other domestic producers capable of supplying quality produce. The domestic market accounts for 30% to 35% of turnover and exports account for the remaining 65% to 70%. The major domestic customers are the leading supermarket retailers. As for exports, England, Brazil, France, Poland, Russia, and Ireland constitute its major destinations.


Granfer has always striven to achieve dynamic growth, yet at a gradual and sustainable pace. It has based its growth on three key drivers acting in tandem: increasing production volumes, expanding its production and storage capacity, and growing its client base and the volumes it sells to each of those clients.

Moreover, Granfer has consistently followed a policy to hire local staff from the region where it operates, thereby boosting local employment. To that effect, it recruits personnel directly and strives to retain its staff, whenever possible.

Environment and Quality

For several years, Granfer has been engaging in promoting among its associates and producers the implementation of voluntary international standards that promote best practices in agriculture and sustainable production practices, which foster environmental preservation.

Granfer's certification for compliance with Globalgap and Tesco Nurture Choice standards is a value-adding feature in its goal to offer only top-quality organoleptic standards and flavour to its customers. Supplying top-quality produce and safe foods has been at the forefront of Granfer's concerns at all times. As such, Granfer's production processes carry the BRC certification.

There's a continual upgrade and innovation in the production processes and in the quality of the end product.


At Granfer, we know we can't change the world! But we believe we can make it better!

We believe that it is up to us to actively intervene in our environment and in our society, promoting and welcoming "special" projects. In particular, local associations, parish councils and the fire services.

The Garden School - "The Scarecrow"

Begun in May 2012, this project aims at providing pre-school and primary school children with the opportunity to plan and care for their own garden as part of their school curriculum.

We aim to use the garden as a centre and a departure point for the learning required of the pupils in the various subject areas. With emphasis on the environment, the application is based on the Portuguese language, mathematics and artistic expression.

Granfer is the main sponsor of this project.

Caldas Sport Clube

Recently, we have been sponsoring the younger elements of the Caldas Sport Clube football teams.

Apart from providing moral support, Granfer has also contributed to the younger elements with equipment and monetary support to complement their activities.

A Fantastic School

Because the children of today are the future, for two years Granfer has been offering 1,500 Rocha pears per week to be distributed to pre-school and primary school children in Óbidos Municipality.

The main objective of this programme, promoted by the Óbidos Municipal Education Office and sponsored by Granfer, was to encourage young children to eat fresh fruit, fundamental for promoting healthy eating habits.

Over these two years of the programme, Granfer has provided 7 tonnes of Rocha pears.

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